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About us

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The passion of Obralegal is to be referred to as the foremost law firm in the area of civil litigation and commercial law practice. With a group of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced Lawyers and a team of skilled legal support staff, practice at our firm is essentially a function of individual and unit specialization.

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Working in teams, our lawyers provide specialized high quality service that has become our main competitive edge in practice. Through consistency in service delivery, diligence in legal research and an IT-supported practice, we provide valuable solutions for our clients in several ways. The partners in the firm are forward thinkers who look at better ways of providing service in all our engagements. Our practice areas enhance work specialization as our lawyers provide advice and representation for clients in their specific industries and areas of expertise.

With our office at a strategic location, we remain a fully integrated firm. Our lawyers, a united team, constantly interact via a communication infrastracture that brings to bear the firm’s knowledge base, experience and all its resources on the client’s most challenging business and legal needs in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner. We move efficiently with our knowledge of the terrain and extensive contacts to initiate and complete deals and have them perfected or pass the requirements of regulation. We solve or mitigate problems, create options that enable us deliver top-tier solutions to the needs of our clients.

We are distinguished not only by the depth and scope of our specialized legal advisory services, but also in the area of foreign, direct and private investments. The cross-border needs of our clients and the vast array of remedies they require, have enabled us to master the special needs and circumstances surrounding multi-jurisdictional business and trade.

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